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Bathroom Remodel

They say kitchen's and bathroom's are what sell a house.. That is so NOT the case for our home! Every single bath room needs a lot of love. Just to put into perspective how rough those spaces are... Our master bath room doesn't have a shower, just a tub that can fit the kids. We technically have a double vanity sink but one of the sinks is in a closet in our bedroom. Then to add to the odd, the upstairs bathroom is the shape of a triangle, the sink is 50 shades of brown and there are golfers in the shower. So we are very very happy to have one of these spaces completed and I am loving it!

I've always loved the idea of a beach house, but I didn't want something tacky. Over the last year I've really been drawn to the Nantucket style. So We added bead board, updated the vanity and then replaced the linoleum flooring for tile! We also decided to go with a larger baseboard and add trim work along with a crown molding. And last but not least the updated light fixture!

I originally thought this project could be done in a weekend. In my mind, we would pull up the old flooring in couple hours then we could hang the bead board and put up the baseboards and trim pieces up on the first day, then paint them that night. By morning it would be dry and we could lay tile and then slip the new vanity right into place! So easy... Not! I'm seriously the worst with projects because I see the end picture and just want it done fast. It drives Anders crazy. He is all about the steps for doing something. And he is really good about seeing the process for something, where I just can't. I didn't realize cutting the bead board was going to be so time consuming. and then pulling up flooring wasn't as easy as Chip Gaines makes it look. So This bathroom ended up taking about a month of weekends working on it. We hired someone to do the tile, in the end we wanted it done by a professional. Everything else was all Anders!




Sink Hardware, Delta Collection

Towel Holder, Delta Everly collection

Toilet Paper Holder, Delta Collection

Bead Board

Trim work

Paint Color, Shark Loop by Valspar

World Market:

Shower Curtain

Hand Towel

Soap Dispenser


Basket under vanity

Trash can


Light fixture,


Toilet seat, HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you have kids

Tile, Cost U Less Carpet and Flooring of Draper


Picture frame, Ikea

Nantucket Print, Etsy

Greenery, Quilted Bear

Scent, Capri Blue


Life Tips


Never argue, make decisions or shop when you have reached Hangry level.



Always keep Nutella in your pantry & a Tide-To-Go Pen in your purse.



Go swimming with a work hard/play hard mentality. Practice first then have some fun! 

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