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2017 Recap

To stick with my New Years Resolution of doing more blog posts this year, I unofficially set the goal of doing a post a week. So for the first week of the new year I thought I should write about our year (plus I only did 5 blog posts in 2017, whoops) So here it is, The Reber's 2017 Recap!


We moved into our new house on Christmas Eve, so January was busy getting settled in, adjusting to having 2 kids, and the construction of our pool! One morning I woke up to this frosted over poolscape and thought it looked kinda magical.


Anders was so sick in February, I was in denial that anything was seriously wrong with him because when guys get a cold they act like the world is ending... Well when urgent care sent him up the the U in an ambulance I realized he maybe wasn't exaggerating. After many doctors confirming that his case of strep throat was the worst they had ever seen he finally got the green light to get his tonsils removed! If you want to see a picture of them I did a post called Tonsils and Tantrums.


My baby sister Brooke gave birth to her son Taysen!

Brooke and Kris asked me to film their birth video. I was so honored to be apart of such a special day. She ended up needing to have a c section and we persuaded the doctors to let me in! I chickened out on watching the cutting part but I got baby T's first cry on camera plus mom and dads reaction. It's definitely something I will never forget.


We blessed our sweet little boy Dash in April. Anders Dad was able to fly in from Arizona to be apart of his special day. We had so many friends and family come to support us!

Fun Fact: Dash and Gray were blessed in the same outfit that Anders was blessed in. Gray was head to toe in Daddy's clothes but Dash's feet were too fat to fit into the shoes haha! After his blessing I wrote down a few notes from what I remembered hearing.

"Dash, you will be a joy and a light in the lives of the people you meet...

That you will know the difference from good and evil through out your life...

You will prepare yourself one day for the temple to be sealed to your spouse for time and all eternity."


We took our first trip of a family of 4 to Arizona! This was the boys first time on a plane and Gray was in heaven! We spent a lot of time with Anders dad Corey and celebrated his 50th Birthday. While we were down there we went to the AZ Zoo, visited some really cool local parks and splash pads. We ate at Joe's Real BBQ, if Anders could pick his last meal, a loaded baked potato from Joe's would be it! My favorite part was spending time in Corey's back yard. The man has a green thumb and anytime Anders talks about his childhood he always talks about the crazy plants that his dad grew in their back yard. I think Anders favorite part was a big dinner we did with the guys that he calls "brothers" from his street growing up. Oh man the stories they have.. Netflix could do a full series and call it Sahuaro Street.


June is a busy month for us! Gray and I both have birthdays this month.

So we had a big carnival themed party to celebrate him turning 2.

And Anders and I had a date with out the kids for my birthday. It was perfect.


July wasn't very eventful, just A LOTof pool time!


We had the Eclipse in 2017!

I remember it being bright out side but somehow shady at the same time. It was also a weird temperature and the air was orangey. The boys didn't really care what was going on, they were just happy to be outside.


We got called to the BEST calling EVER! We are Brother and Sister Friendly for our ward Primary. Basically, we come in on the 4th Sunday of every month and teach sharing time to the jr and sr primary classes! Its so fun because we love working with the kids but we get the freedom of going to classes with the adults the other weeks of the month. I served in the primary in our last ward and teach children for a living so its right up my alley!

We also celebrated Anders 27th Birthday!


My Favorite Holiday, Halloween! We visited Gardner Village to find the witches. Dressed up as the Targaryen's. And put together,the day of, Truck which won best trunk! Just wait till they see what I'm planning for next year!


Dash started walking in November! Thats a big deal for our family... Anders and I were walking by 9 months and Gray started at about 10 so we were cutting really close with Dashy. He's already a ginger so we were getting worried.

(JK we love the ging)


Dash turned 1! And we went to see the lights at Temple Square! Anders mom aka Oma rode the train with Gray and Anders. Which was the highlight of Gray's year. I love the magic that surrounds Christmas. The lights, the beautiful music, the spirt of giving. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. We have been so blessed and can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for our family.

Honorable Mentions




Life Tips


Never argue, make decisions or shop when you have reached Hangry level.



Always keep Nutella in your pantry & a Tide-To-Go Pen in your purse.



Go swimming with a work hard/play hard mentality. Practice first then have some fun! 

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