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Being Mom.

This morning Gray was sitting next to me while I nursed Dash. As I scrolled through emails I nearly missed a tender little moment between my boys. Gray reached over and grabbed Dash's hand and just held it for a minute. It made me think about all of the things people warn you about when you make the jump to two kids. Your never going to sleep (true-ish) Your house will never be clean (challenge accepted) You will never be alone.. The list goes on and on. It's so interesting to me to hear about others parenting styles. My baby sister Brooke is having a little boy in 2 weeks!!! I am so so excited for her. I've gotten to share with her some of my thoughts on being a mom and I hope I've been helpful. The worst is when you tell your family & friends your pregnant and then they unload all of this horrifying stories of pregnancy and birth on you! You sit there, terrified, thinking "Why on earth didn't someone warn me about this BEFORE I got pregnant?!" Too late now.. Well on the contrary, I believe its all how you want to look at it. So to my sister B & anyone else curious about becoming a mommy, these are my top 5 tips.

1. You won't get a full nights sleep for a really long time, but you'll survive! Your 3rd trimester preps you for being up multiple times through the night.

2. You can never be ready, financially, physically, mentally.. I thought I could be before I had Gray. His nursery was ready months before his arrival, and with Dash, he is almost 3 months old and I just put his together and guess what, its totally fine and really didn't make much difference.

3. Stay active, Go for a walk or a swim. Drink lots of water, eat that piece of chocolate. Keep yourself happy. Your no longer your number 1, that baby is. Don't forget to give yourself some you time.

4. Husbands are clueless!! Seriously, your going to have to tell him the baby needs a diaper change first thing after they wake up because he doesn't think about that kind of stuff ever. It's going to be hard not to want to strangle him, so I'm just warning you now, tell him what he needs to do to help you, don't assume.

5. You are going to feel like a bad mom a lot, as soon as that thought comes into your mind dismiss it. Your not a bad mom, you love that little one so much and you are doing everything you can to love them and protect them and thats enough. Always remember this is your divine purpose in life! And when they give you those sweet looks or do something to make your heart burst with pride, that is your reminder that your a great mom!




Life Tips


Never argue, make decisions or shop when you have reached Hangry level.



Always keep Nutella in your pantry & a Tide-To-Go Pen in your purse.



Go swimming with a work hard/play hard mentality. Practice first then have some fun! 

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