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Tantrums & Tonsils

I thought I had at least a few more months before the terrible twos set in. Gray thinks its funny to yell at the top of his lungs at very inconvenient times... In the middle of the sacrament prayer, or as I'm putting him in his carseat with horrified people staring as they walk by, In the line at Costco and when I just got his little brother to sleep. I can handle a little screaming but the tantrums, oh man, and I just heard that 3 is worse! So far the biggest tantrum has been over Nutella. He's obsessed, its my fault really, I ate a lot of chocolate when I was pregnant with him. So now we throw tantrums if I don't let him lick every last bit of it from the pack, oh and then there is a tantrum over the fact that I wipe his hands and face after he is done. If he could talk he would explain that its a waste and I should let him keep it all over his face and hands so he can touch my white couches. My personal favorite its the tantrums over the toys I let him play with... Yep you read that right. Full melt down mode because he threw the ball or built something with his legos or bounced in his bounce house. Fun times! This week also consisted of Anders getting his tonsils removed. If any of you have had that done as adults, you feel my pain. He's doing pretty good, its the no eating thing that is hard. Apparently all the ice cream you can eat is only cool for about 48 hours. Then you want pizza. I feel bad eating in front of him, he just stares at my food, drooling. I even ate Grays cold left over dinosaur chicken nuggets and he was jealous. Poor guy. I'm so glad those little devils are out though. A simple cold would nearly kill him (no it wasn't just a guy getting sick) The Doc snapped a picture of them because apparently Anders has HUGE tonsils. Heres to hoping that helps him stay pretty healthy. I can't handle sick husband and grumpy Grayson.




Life Tips


Never argue, make decisions or shop when you have reached Hangry level.



Always keep Nutella in your pantry & a Tide-To-Go Pen in your purse.



Go swimming with a work hard/play hard mentality. Practice first then have some fun! 

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